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Nataly Diamonds

Founded in 1993, Nataly Diamonds blends the classical with the contemporary across its luxurious diamonds collection, inspired by love passion and hard work,


We are a reputable member of the Diamond Bourse, our Boutique is located on Vestingstraat 27, 2018 in Antwerp,  the center of the diamond district, also known as the Diamond Quarter (Diamantkwartier),  the biggest diamond capital district in the world. 

Through the years we have build a high reputation by selling exquisite jewelery set with high quality diamonds and by providing our customers with the best possible knowledge service and advice.

Our exquisite jewelry consist of 18 karat gold and is set solely with high quality natural diamonds and or other semi-precious stones. we ethically source our diamonds. Integrity and social responsibility are at the core of our sourcing practices. We don't sell manipulated (laser or silicon filled), enhanced nor HPHT Diamonds. 

We will be pleased to welcome you to our Boutique. 


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